Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nothing really

Nothing to blog about really. I'm just squeezing bit of time blogging before I start doing my assignment which will be due this Saturday. The kids are busy with Wii, which I think is a very good choice of distraction during this school break. Yesterday they played rather roughly with each other and Amsyhar ended up with huge split lips and bruises on his fingers. Nadia of course is the responsible person whom inflicted those injuries to him. Nonetheless, kids will be kids. They fought, they forget and they be friends again. How simple their life is. Why can't adults be like that too? Is life too complicated as adults that makes it hard for us to say sorry and admit that we are wrong? Hmmm.. Maybe we are the ones who love to make things complicated, right? Life is too short to be spent on grudge and hatred. Lets forgive, forget and cherish each other while we still can :)

Cheers! ;)

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red said...

wohhh... lame x tulis blog sis... welcome back... ngehehehe