Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am old and I know it

My recent experience in the Les Mills' KUL Quarterly Workshop gave me a somewhat mixture of feelings. Yep, I only attended BODYJAM and missed the awesome Michelle Dean in Sh'bam because I was attending Sha's aqad which was held that very morning. Nevertheless, that one BODYJAM masterclass made me...

1. Missing my old jammer-friends.

2. Missing the good ol' days when other programs' education sessions were distracted and somewhat disturbed due to jammers' havoc & cam-whore nature. 
*both before & after the masterclass, siap kena warning, haha!

3. Missing the 'gathering' sessions after the workshop.

4. Missed the feelings I always get when I didn't have enough dance space because of my stubbornness to maintain my 'front-liners' position in the class. 
*perks of being front-liners: May get unnecessary but heartwarming attention from presenters, can catch the steps faster, get to be in the pictures more.

5. Felt like the crowd attending the masterclass was.. tak meriah. What more with such poor number of attendance :( 

...and also experience these...

1. Proud of Zazabam for giving good performance during the masterclass.

2. For the 1st time dance with so much space, with no disturbance whatsoever! Owh yeah, I was standing at the back of the room during the whole class.

3. Don't feel that 'awe moment' when watching the presenters on the stage. Like; 'Wah gempak lah!', or 'Wah liao, so hebat!'.. Not to say that they are not good. Of course they are awesome! But maybe because I'm personally close to some of them right from when they are 'nobody' to 'somebody', one in particular trained with me in NRSW programme and now presenting in the previous BODYJAM dvd. So.... Hmm..

4. Felt so old. The newbies are the front-liners now. 

5. Had only one picture tagged during the Quarterly for the first time. Erk..

I'm just another popular has-been, a forgotten old ex-BODYJAM instructor. *sigh*

Macam sedih kan? Tak langsung la! *lol*.. I actually had fun during the quarterly. It's just that it would be more wonderful if my old friends were there. There was only a few of us old jammers with a handful of newbies during this quarterly's BODYJAM masterclass. I wished that the crowd was bigger and being more responsive during the class. For godsake, it's the 60th release of BODYJAM yo! I can foresee myself attending more quarterly workshops held outside KUL, if this unhealthy pattern of attendance continues. Whatever it is, miss you old jammers A LOT! :'-(

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