Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Missy Fatso

In a particular gym one night after a certain freestyle GX class:

Me: Thanks for the nice class! Really enjoyed it!
Instructor: Are you a Bodyjammer?
Me: Yeah.. *grins*
Instructor: I thought so! From the way you walk also I can tell.. Hee hee..

- and we chat -
- and we chat -
- and we chat some more -
- and I thought I was being rude for chatting so much without properly introducing myself..

Me: I'm Juwita by the way.. *extends hand to the Instructor*
Instructor: Ohmygod! No wonder you look so familiar! *eye popped*
Me: But you didn't recognize me rightaway, right?
Instructor: Yeaa.. I thought you look familiar, tapi takut salah orang. Hahaha.
Me: I've put on weight so much that's why you didn't recognize my face..
Instructor: Yea lah, that's why...
Me: *kruuk*

Hahahaha.. So I really have to work my arse harder, huh? Haiyo. Jom berjogging sekarang jugak! Hinss hinss hinsss... :D


ladynina said...

kenapa gambar illustrasi warna pink? heehee

red said...

Jom jogging!!!!! agagagaga

Leonora Halim said...

alamak.. kalo u fatso? i aperrr??????? fatsolicious???? sob sob sobbingggggggg..........

MAYA said...

gambar itu sangat gemuk.. i think that u r not that fat..hehe..

sila teruskan usaha..ganbate..ganbate..

azyei said...

You're NOT fat. You're just a tad over weight when compared to your previous weight.

syiMa said...

u'r not that fat.. :)

Calgaroo said...

OMG!..I absolutely love your photos..they are gorgeous..

baginda® said...

itu big mama ke? biar betui.. hahaha